C o n t a c t  S a n d r a
M e e t   S a n d r a  
Sandra K. Tuell
Interior Decorating Consultant
Professional Interior Arranger
Color Specialist
Certified Real Estate Home Staging Specialist

Sandra acknowledges she probably looks at her surroundings differently than most people…be it
in her own space, the home of a friend, or a store or restaurant. With an innate sense of
arrangement, she knows what should go where and how a tweak here or there can improve the
flow, balance and synergy of a space.

When Sandra sees a client’s home for the first time, she takes the “reinvent, refresh and
renew” approach to design. Moving in a piece from another room in the home, giving something
a new finish, bringing a fresh perspective, using something in a creative and unexpected way –
is often all that’s needed to create the warm, inviting and beautiful spaces her clients have
been unable to achieve on their own.

Often, this approach leads Sandra to uncover special things that hold significant meaning to her
clients… pieces that had been tucked away because they didn’t know how to incorporate them
into the home’s décor.  She takes great pleasure in giving these treasures a special place of
prominence in the home where they can be enjoyed and appreciated every day. Doing so has
lead to many emotional client reveals that have left lasting impressions on everyone involved!

If after the makeover is complete, Sandra feels something new is in order, as an independent
decorating consultant, she is free to shop from the multitude of sources at her disposal to meet
the client’s expectations and stay within the budget allotted. Being plugged into the local thrift
store network has its advantages, as many of her clients can attest!

As an artist, Sandra is inspired by color. She enjoys working with color-shy clients to help them
gain confidence in making their own color choices.

You’ve likely heard the adage, “It’s all in the details.” That’s certainly the case in decorating.
Those who know Sandra best have likely experienced her painstakingly careful attention to
detail firsthand – but they understand…it’s just her nature.

Sandra is an interior decorator, professional interior arranger and color specialist with specialized training
through the Interior Arrangement and Design Association.  She has achieved a Real Estate Home Staging
certification through Realty Enhancements International. Her business Roomscapes - launched in June 2003 -
assists homeowners with interior decorating, interior redesign, home staging, and offers affordable, one day
room makeovers.
While we may not be conscious of it as we go about our everyday
routines, our surroundings directly impact the quality of our lives. So
why not make your home somewhere you feel happy to be?  Your
soul will thank you for it!

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