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H o m e   S t a g i n g
M a k e  M y  H o m e  S h o w  R e a d y !
R e a d y  to  S e l l ?
Make your home a stand out...sell faster at a higher profit!
So you've decided to sell your home?

Most people we know lead busy lives.  We all struggle with finding time for the important things we want to do in what
is left of our shrinking leisure time.

Tackling necessary projects and maintenance before the FOR SALE sign goes up can seem like a daunting challenge.

Don't despair!  Help is only a phone call away.  The professionals at Roomscapes can help you get it done quickly and

We focus on making those changes in the home that will provide the greatest return on investment and make the most
significant visual impact.  

Why should I stage my home for sale?

The purpose of home staging is:

  • to make the home show beautifully
  • to enhance the home's best features and selling points
  • to create a property that is more marketable

When should I hire a professional to stage my home for sale?


The best time to stage your home is before you put it on the market.  New real estate listings attract attention and
generate the most interest.  Draw in real estate agents and win over home buyers from the get-go!


If a home has languished on the market unsuccessfully, hiring a professional home stager may be the key to turn it
around.  The first instinct may be to reduce the home's price, but enhancing the home may be what is needed to
accomplish the goal at hand...sell the house!

My resources are limited now...what does it cost to have my home "designed to sell"?

"Designing to sell" can mean a significantly greater profit at closing time - and in a competitive real estate market, it
can actually save you money in the long run.  The faster your home sells, the less time (and expense) you'll have
maintaining the property and grounds.

Costs vary according to the size and condition of a home.  Staging your home
generally costs less than your first price
reduction!  Contact us for a staging consultation.
Sandra K. Tuell
Certified home staging professional by Realty Enhancements International.
Interior Arranger and Color Specialist, Interior Arrangement and Design Association.
Roomscapes is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, and serves the Tampa Bay area.
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