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One Day/Mini Makeover (3 hrs) -  Fee $250
What is a one day makeover?  By taking cues from the room’s architecture, your design preferences, functional needs and
lifestyle, we rearrange your existing furnishings and treasures to create a warm, updated and beautiful space that you’ll
absolutely love.

With a mini room makeover, we can achieve a magazine look in just hours.  Get professional decorating results for less
than the cost of one new piece of furniture!  Seeing is believing!

Who Can Benefit from One Day Decorating?

The Time Challenged - it's time to update your space, but you don't have the time for a major redecorating project.  Unlike
traditional design services, with a mini room makeover, you get instant results in just one day!

The Budget Conscious - you can't afford to start over from scratch right now, so you just need to make the most of what you
have...a perfect candidate for a budget-friendly Roomscapes one day makeover!

The Do-It-Yourselfer - you know what you like, and you've made some terrific selections and collected some beautiful
treasures over the years.  Roomscapes'  one day decorating service will help you pull it all together and add the finishing

Those in Transition - even positive changes can be stressful.  Hiring an interior arranger can help smooth life transitions,
like moving to a new home, combining households, downsizing, or moving to an assisted living environment.  We will help
you create a warm, inviting, and beautiful new space that feels like home...only better!
O n e  D a y  M a k e o v e r s
Before one day makeover
After one day makeover
As seen on Fox13 - Good Morning Tampa Bay -
Read more about how we accomplished this plain vanilla to Santa Fe chic redesign in just one day!
Roomscapes on TV!
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